From time to time, this site will feature reviews of various audio-related products, ranging from consumer electronics, to music and music related services, and also books related to the topic

Unless otherwise noted, all products reviewed are personal purchases.

Getting products reviewed

This site is run on a hobby basis, so the capacity to accept solicited reviews is very limited – there is however some limited capacity to perform solicited reviews of audio related products. If you have a product you wish reviewed on this site, please read the following terms:

This site will not accept products in the following categories for reviews: Books, Movies, Software, Music, Speaker- or Interconnect wire, or ‘Lifestyle” products.

If your product requires connection to power, it must be compatible with European power outlets without a requirement for a step-up transformer (Read: No 110V only products).
If you want your product returned after a review has been published, it is your responsibility to both pay for and arrange pickup of the reviewed item at the end of the review period, and you must clearly state this before any product is shipped.
It is an explicit goal of this web site to publish trustworthy reviews, which means that the content and conclusion of the review is solely at the discretion of the reviewer. In plain text: Getting me to agree to do a review is not a guarantee that I’ll only have nice things to say about your product.
However, if you have solicited a review, you will be given an opportunity to read through and comment on the review, and point out any factual errors in the review before publication, and if requested, the review will contain a section with suppliers commentary.
If you need a publishing moratorium for a review, you must clearly state so in writing, before I can accept a product for review.
In the interest of transparency, any solicited product review will contain contact information (Primarily web site contact information) for the business or person who has requested the review.  The review will also state whether the product was kept by the reviewer or returned at the end of the review period.
If you want your product reviewed, please use the contact form below, providing as much detail as possible.